Agile Methodologies for Industrial Production

Agile methodologies: what is it?

Agile Methodologies for Industrial Production are here. Agile methodologies can use according to industrial production, which many people do not know. It is not only limited to software development if you observe it correctly. We will discuss the agile principles according to the industrial perceptive here.

The world is changing due to the rapid development in technologies and what makes today may not get a market in next month or maybe next week. Because of that reason, it is crucial to have a methodology to build up a product that could have a market, even it takes years to get the outcome. Here where the agile methodology comes into play in the modern world. A modern software development methodology for product building, agile software development is used throughout the world apart from using the conventional traditional waterfall method.

Is it only the Agile methodology limited to the software side, I think it’s not from my findings, I was able to find out that the agile method can use for many manufacturing fields according to the product type.  For example, the mobile industry every year it has significant changes in their operating systems and other hardware, in automobile industry every year the car types changes, new styles come into the markets.

Why software companies use agile methodologies is to make

Let’s focus on the basic principles in agile methodology

Basics of agile methodologies

12 agile methodology concepts are practiced at present;

1. Early and continuous delivery

Time is precious for every industry, and the earlier the product goes to the market, the more money will come to the company’s revenue account. Because of that reason, it is essential to deliver the goods as quickly as possible. As an example, if we take making of 10 houses within three years, if we start laying down the foundation for all ten homes and complete all ten houses in 3 years. What drawbacks will be there there are vital things

Need to find ten buyers at the same time to get the maximum profit

By that time the house may be out-dated with compare to that time

There would be liquidity issues in the market which happens like the 2008 American recession

If there is an error in the design, the whole ten houses may need to fix which will cost more money than the planned amount

As you can see, it has more cons than pros but if we make one house at a time and sell what would happen;

  1. Need to find one buyer at a time
  2. The money will receive once a completed house sold
  3. If a new design comes, that will be possible to apply to the currently on-going house and rest of the remaining houses
  4. If a market downturn comes, the making of houses need not continue further

And this is also a great way to satisfy the customer. If we take the construction industry, this would be an ideal methodology for higher profits.

2. Welcome changing requirements

When we say a changing environment, it can have different interpretation this can use to reduce the gap between the customer need and give the customer the competitive advantage, this agile concept can be applied not for bulk or batch production but for one at a time production. Simply if we take a customer-specified product at the start, the customer requirement will be different a few days later. Therefore by making iterations with consulting the customer, the gap can be closed to a minimum with the use of agile methodologies.

3. Deliver work system frequently

If we take the mobile phone industry, every year, new released comes from these popular companies like Samsung, Huawei, and apple. Each of these products has unique features in it. When an android device is released to the market, some of the features would be at the start be not excellent. For a better solution, a later version can release into the market for better customer experience. When we deliver work systems, frequently new ideas also pop us out which will give high value to the product

4. Customer and supplier work together

When we work together, we produce great results. The diversity in a team with different ideas would result in great achievements

5. Motivated individuals

In a team-based working environment, each and every individual is unique. When a production team faces problems due to an error in the production system. Some people do tend to get down and never come back to the same level of motivation. This is where we need who has the experience and has the ability to motivate people to achieve great heights. In Agile methodologies, this is highlighted very well

6. Face to face

With mobile phones and this calling, apps come into play. People at present use to have virtual meetings. However, not verbal communication mainly the nonverbal communication does have a high impact on the business world since that is the case it is highly recommended to have people with

7. Working system

It is important to have working systems in your company that can drive business in a more methodical way by using agile methodologies can use according to industrial production, which many people do not know. It is not only limited to software development if you observe it correctly. We will discuss the agile principles according to the industrial perceptive here . Most of the well-reputed companies now days use HR systems, ERP systems to make the work more agile. If any change comes, they can adapt to the situation without issues. Even for production companies they use methods like OEE to optimize the production.

8. sustainable  development

In software development companies, they take this a way of making their team members’ inner growth and outer growth as well. But in a non-IT context, sustainable development is simply complying with the changes of the modern business by using the scare resource more suitable manner.

9. Technical excellence

As an organization, only the top board people or management people would not make decisions and drive the company into success. The technical people will have a massive impact on the company’s success. Therefore, according to the new changes of the business world, the technical people must be agile towards getting the knowledge into their heads. As an example, in the phone industry, there were no camera phones, but with the new advancements s the camera is inserted into the phone and which had thrived in to make a very sophisticated smartphone. Hence, you can observe that if people are not use agile methodologies towards grasping knowledge, in the longer run, companies may not survive.

10. Simplicity

Using more simplicity methods would be really helpful to adopt into any change. Some of the manufacturing companies follow sophisticated standard operating procedures for their processes. But when a change comes, they are having problems with any new adoption, which can eventually lead a company to a loss in the longer run. Making systematic and straightforward processes in a company is vital.

11. Self-Organizing

When it comes to teamwork, the learning process never ends. In order to decide a team, proper organizing must take place before any work starts.

Teams ought to teach to self-organize all features of a process. They need to collect necessities by speaking with the experienced and senior people and implement quality initiatives towards success. Due to this reason arranging the work must be placed.

12. Become more effective in agile methodologies

It is vital to have the right chemistry in the teams to build a successful agile team that can work well. To illustrate this, let me take an example. If the organization has people who are well experienced in one area should not be utilized to another section immediately if there is no replacement for it. Cause if there is no proper knowledge transfer, it can have severe consequences. Being an agile team means more of making effective teams and combinations that should blend with experience and talent.

It is also important to place people according to their subject domains to the areas. However, even without a degree related to the field of study, the experience will do the job properly.

Agile or Lean methodologies

It is difficult to say which one suits better cause it depends on the companies product and the working culture. If there is a team-based working environment from my personal opinion, I think it is easy to have agile methodologies.
Agile methodologies are not only restricted to these mentioned 12 pillars. Even the lean manufacturing concepts can also take as agile concepts such as continuous improvements, operational excellence. Most of the industrial experts say both of these concepts have many similarities where the agile methodology is a bit difficult to compare to lean methodologies.

How to agile methodologies apply to your company

Now it is the tricky part, I guess. Since it is software companies who mainly practice this agile methodology for software development. Some companies may find difficulties in practicing agile methods related stuff. I would suggest the best way to get the agile practices would be to follow the PDCA (Plan-do-check-act) cycle for all the pillars and see whether how it goes.

Eventually, I can say that even the agile methodology is more towards the software development side. Still, these principles can use in a manufacturing company without an issue. In my opinion, these agile methodologies are much suitable for companies that have products that vary very quickly.

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