Engineering Management Programs Around the World

Engineering management Education

Engineering management -programs around the world are here. Engineering management degree programs are offered from many countries and are considered as an important segment with regard to engineering management education. The proper receiving of the education that is related to this area will help you define yourself as a true leader of the future, and there is no other way to get the title than getting the proper skills.

Some of the universities that offer engineering management degree programs are given below:

  1. Cornell University, USA
  2. University of Toronto, Canada
  3. Drexel university, USA
  4. The University of Waterloo in Canada
  5. Oakland University, Michigan
  6. Brunel university, UK
  7. University of Colorado, USA
  8. The Istanbul Technical University in Turkey
  9. University of Kansas, USA
  10.  The University of Alberta, Canada

Demanding Programs

Out of the above list Cornell Engineering management degree program would be one of the highly sorted programs due to the high reputation and world ranking of the university 

They were some of the most reputed universities to offer engineering management degrees in both mainly for graduates’ studies although there is limited amount of degree programs, some people prefer to go for the engineering management bachelors at the start. But I would suggest to take a master instead of going for an engineering management degree cause as a starter you need to have the basics well in the respective field before becoming a manager.

Most of the time, graduate programs or master’s programs Do have industrial collaboration Co-Op programs.

Many of the developing countries are also concerned with the application of these fields, that universities from countries like India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh are also granting the same degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels!

Industrial engineering or systems engineering programs also do have a relation to engineering management. If you take the global manufacturing management master at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), is an excellent course. The program consists of Industrial collaborations as well.

Some universities offer online engineering management degree programs which may not be ideal if you are seeking to get hand on experience with industrial professional.

Career pathway in engineering management

An engineering management degree holder’s career is actually a quick career pathway It is a path to success in many ways for an engineer. From an engineer position to a Chief operating officer, the profession can vary. Hence, it gets into the management side of an organization may be require a five to ten years of experience. However, to get a job without experience is bit hard, if a person starts in from the manufacturing, construction or whatever field. Considering the about the salaries, it depends on the responsibility of the Job. I would say, if you can go for a multinational cooperation’s the opportunities and roles may vary. The below list is some of the Job roles that engineering management degree can offer;

Engineering management roles in an organization can categorize as below;

Strategic managers:

this type is responsible for the entire organization and they take critical decisions for the organization. Ex- Director, Chief executive officer, Vice president, General manager

Tactical managers:

This type is directly responsible for the operational aspects of an organization. They are responsible for the workers and day to day work. Ex- construction manager, manufacturing manager, Project manager, Engineering manager.

From my experience, I can say that most of the freshers do not get direct opportunity for an engineering management side. But with time they do get into the right path gradually. 

Therefore, engineering management degree holder will have opportunities in many key areas. Depending on the preference they can choice the correct field to apply their knowledge whenever it requires.

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