What is Engineering Management?: 5 Core Principles

The words say engineering management, it is some management, but did you know how much effect it can have for your company if you do not manage it well? Let’s talk about 5 fundamental principals in engineering management and their usages.

The change in the industrial requirements of the professionals is a never-ending task, and you will never be able to know what the industry would expect from you tomorrow. Regardless of your profession, you stick in a continuously rolling wheel, and you should remember that you are supposed to be moving to allow yourself to move forward rather than get crushed from it. Engineering management is one such opportunity that has been created to enable you to move forward without getting stuck with all the requirements that they make.

Present context of engineering management

Engineering management career is a specialized field that involves both the managerial aspects as well as the engineering requirements. It ultimately bases on the organizations that are focused on employing engineers who concentrate on administrative activities rather than other typical engineering activities.

This field of study has a lot of educational programs that most graduate programs since the initial experience with a bachelor will be ideal for success.

Construction industry
Construction industry does need engineering management

Companies considered engineering management as an essential requirement when qualifying for a managerial position in any company at present. It regards as a core area for the future of engineers, and there is nothing wrong with that thought as well, because, this is the type of professionals that are required to the organizations when they need to maintain a healthy profit margin.

 In below we will discuss some of the fundamental principals that have an impact on engineering management;

1. Quality planning and decision making and project management

Project management and functional management are considered to be the most important activities that an engineering manager would have to take part in when working under the role of leading the engineering and technical personnel and projects through the best practices.

They are responsible for the results that a project may or may not bring to a company. Imagine yourself being in a position that requires more management of the people rather than the management of equipment. It is one such role that has a definite resemblance to great leaders and decision-makers. Moreover ,Industrial engineering strategies can use to make proper decision.

Mainly in the construction field, the cost factor needs to determine with since I take some time to purchase the raw materials if proper project management methods use. The predictions initial costs and PAT (profit after tax) values may give the wrong figures.

Every decision that an engineering manager takes, each plan that they put forward, as well as orders that they give, directly and indirectly, resemble the projects that they work

The right decisions will bring good results, while bad decisions and bad planning will end up indefinite chaos — the engineering manager reserved for someone willing to commit with proper decision makings — responsibility towards society as well as towards themselves.

2. Risk and value management

No matter how good an engineer you are, there is no way that you will be able to overcome every one of the problems that come to you when you are in the field if you are not a good manager. Many other skills are required to show your talent as a capable individual rather than merely being an essential segment in the analytical problem – solving team.

Need to have updates on business world

Not that these people are not talented, but the ones who are more practical go way above than the ones that do not know how to do that. The people who can manage the risks that a situation brings, and thereby add value to the project while cutting all additional costs are essential to make a project financially successful. These are not ordinary skills anyone could have, and they are the compulsory items that an engineering manager should demonstrate to achieve the targets about the management of engineering activities, the persons who are involved in the decisions as well as the project or the business itself.

3. Tools and concepts usage

With current developments in engineering fields, it is crucial to use new technologies.  At present software-based products are used for engineering management. Below are the prominent tools that use in present industries;

Further, Enterprises resource planning (ERP) and lean tools use for engineering management to make the work easier. Cause when you need to present the figures, a proper systems must be there within the organization.

4. Leadership and best engineering practices

Besides top management is deeply concerned about the success of the tasks that they have at hand and are much involved in the decision – making the action that directly links with the results that are brought out by each step that takes. Therefore, it is essential to note that these jobs are not merely related to managing a company. They have a much more critical role at hand, which is the completion of projects and other activities in a successful manner.

As an example, in construction engineering, managing a project is tides due to high word load in many areas. You need to know about utilizing the sources properly to get maximum profit. Operational excellence also considers highly in this industry

As a conventional practice, the waterfall method uses by the industries. But the agile methodologies, which are more used by the software industry, would be ideal for construction engineering management. And providing and passing the proper standard operations procedures for the below layers is also mandatory to have an excellent successful project

Since this includes the providing of guidance that each is working under their team, they could be considered as extremely talented leaders as well.

Only such a person will be able to pertain to their role as an engineer in the technical aspect while making sure that everyone in the team is motivated and thrilled to work for success.

If you are someone like that, and if you have what they require, then you should try out this area of study.

5. Controlling and decision making

Managing an organization is a core area in engineering management. The high demand for raw material, high labor cost, shortage of skilled labor are among the areas engineering management professionals look at. In any organization, CAPEX (capital expenses) are allocated each year accordingly. It makes sense that with only proper controlling of debits and credits, an organization can achieve its annual financial targets.

Decision discussion
Actions need to discuss and take

To illustrate, if your organization purchases a piece of necessary equipment, it has to look for the best solutions. Here, the quotation has to call, and as a management professional need to use the engineering management knowledge to get the optimum solution for your organization with better financial management and control. In the same manner, decision making is vital for success. As an engineering professional, if you fail, it will severely affect your career may be the organization as well. 

6. Human resource management in engineering management

Once you become a crucial member of the organization. Not only the conceptual aspects will make you a start. But also proper human resource management. I want to elaborate more on this aspect compare to the rest of the core principles, simply because it is all about social skill some times, which would make you a winner in the organization. People will backup you if you are an excellent manager even at bad times. Here I listed what qualities a manager should possess;

i. A good communicator:

You need to get the work done, only as that. The art of being an excellent communicator can not teach as I believe. It has to come with instincts. It is not only about being your ability to give speeches but also the way you listen to people. When you deal with a large workforce, everyone may have different job roles. Being an excellent communicator, you will have to pass the messages accordingly, and then only you will be able to achieve the work. If you are not sure the way to do it, refer a book regarding effective communication. Just search on the internet there are so many materials there.

ii. A Flexible individual

When there is a situation, as a professional, you need to be flexible, if only being focused on your area is not what engineering management is all about. For instance, when a wrong time comes for the organization, you will have to take care of some other responsibilities and work, and you will need to be agile towards getting into it. The good thing about becoming a flexible person is, your career will grow more than imagine. Cause the top people will observe your capability and the capacity

iii. Committed to the cause

Hence, for the organization’s success, you will have to take initiatives. The initiatives should be possible achievements. Depending on the hierarchy of the organization you will have to take steps for success

iv. Trustworthy in every way

As a manager, you are accountable for your stuff and creating trust among them. Not only with people but with other activities creating trust and making them believe you are unique to the organization can do wonders.

The above are only a few I mentioned. But in general, those are well-known facts.

Engineering management future: where it is heading?

I would say Future trends of engineering management are mostly lying upon the engineer’s ability to solve managerial problems rather than technological issues. There are many areas that the engineer’s expertise applies. Still, the most important thing is that people are more interested in what they do concerning managing the problems that arise when managing a project or maybe the workforce.

It is quit evident that the purpose people do follow the engineering management program is to have quick career growth. Cause when you gain the knowledge required for the industry, you will be able to show your worth to your organization by applying the theories and gaining a profit or saving to your organization.

Beyond a doubt, People are the lifeline of an organization. When you have the right skills for managing people and the problems associated with them is an important task, and this is done best with proper measures by

Therefore, it could expect that engineering management side expertise would be leading the primary roles of any of the companies because they very well equipped with analytical skills as well as the interpersonal and other organizational management skills.

In the future, I believe that the engineering management scope will change a bit. Especially with the suitability practices that come to play, the main focus will base on sustaining our planet without using much of the scarce raw material.

In summary, engineering management has a pivotal role to play; it is only not about the technical aspects anymore, as an experienced professional focus on here on the above key areas, then you will be fine. You can also read about the Engineering management programs around the world for your reference.

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