Industrial engineering: Why you must follow it

A industrial engineering is a great career. Industrial engineers are the main line of any production or manufacturing facility. Stable and well -paid secured job can define as a good career, and it is a dream for many people. A good career is what all the freshers expect when they start their colleges or universities, but many of them who are good at creating and innovating just stuck in routine jobs where they could have utilized their skills in better ways. A career in industrial engineering is just not conventional 8-hour jobs as I have observed over the past few years it where is always a very diverse field where opportunities are limitless globally.


Oil and Gas industry has many opportunities for industrial engineering

Above all, why it is not limitless?, even though it is a derivative from mechanical, manufacturing engineering and an interdisciplinary area not only production side it involves even human resource management field is available if you are ready to take the challenge Moreover, If you are to succeed in the field of industrial engineering., the practical knowledge has a prominent part to play in this area. I must say you should be a person who is good with people. Cause handling with a human has a significant impact on the success in this field in most of the parts.

Job opportunities everywhere

A career in industrial engineering guarantees a path to success in many ways. From an engineer position to a Chief operating officer, the profession can vary. However, the start of a career in industrial engineering may be a bit hard and intensives if a person starts in from the manufacturing or production floor. Considering the industrial engineering salary, it varies according to the job role. Nevertheless, if you can value your worth for an organization, it not a bid deal to get a well-payed Job in part of the world.


An industrial engineer is a responsible person in plant operations

Few prominent job roles that can an industrial engineer get currently;

  1. Industrial consultant
  2. University lecturer
  3. Mechanical engineer
  4. Manufacturing manager
  5. Process Engineer
  6. Project Engineer

On the other hand, Most of the developed countries that have job opportunities related to industrial engineering would be Japan and Germany owing to the reason of having an automobile and many heavy machinery manufacturing. Even in the garment industries in South Asia do have a considerable amount of opportunities for industrial engineers. With compare to most of the well-known professions the pay rate may not be high in some regions, but still, it is a very stable career path if anyone likes to choose it

Common fields an industrial engineer can get into;

  • Manufacturing
  • Safety
  • Project Management
  • Supply chain management
  • Service and Maintain

Many of the top multinational production giants such as Unilever, Coca-cola, Nestle, and many more do need industrial engineers to make optimized their process. Therefore, these companies do offer job opportunities that mainly related to their production lines for industrial engineering graduates not only locally but also globally.

Not only Technical skills matters for industrial engineers

Basically, on a production floor, not only machinery but also the analytical and critical thinking factor, along with people management, has a colossal impact.Besides, in countries like Japan, Lean concepts are also used by industrial engineering as a best practice.  

Basics that an industrial engineer must be competent;

  • Lean manufacturing knowledge
  • People management
  • Shop floor management
  • Automation (PLC knowledge) 
  • Enterprise resource planning usage
  • Microsoft office advanced tool (VB, Visio)
  • Human resource management
  • ISO related practices

Because of this reasons, it is essential to note that Human resources are a vital part of industrial engineering when it’s the people who are delivering the outcome of a product. 

In order to have a quality product, industrial engineers’ knowledge regarding best quality practices is required.  In recent times, production cost has been a burden for many of the developed countries, which have resulted in them to shut down some of their operations in high-cost labor environment areas. As an example, few top organizations have shifted their production lines to African nations. Ex- Volkswagen in Rwanda. In switching this operation. With this sort of location shift, as a result, the quality of the brands needs to maintain at a high level to meet with the market competitors. If not, it will tarnish the brand name in a terrible way.

Getting the right education in Industrial engineering

Getting the proper training in this field is highly critical. The gained knowledge from industrial engineering can apply across all industries ranging from oil and gas, electrical engineering, and more accordingly.

Hence, most of the top universities around the world offer higher education opportunities. Below are a few of the universes that offer bachelor’s and master’s programs in industrial engineering. 


Getting the right education is vital to success in the industry

Bachelors programs offering universities globally

  • The University of Illinois Chicago, USA
  • Kansas State University, USA
  • Texas State University, USA
  • Dalhousie University, Canada

Furthermore, it has to say that most of the engineering degree-seeking crowd do not follow their first degree in industrial engineering, and the bachelor’s opportunities are also not available in every part of the corner in the world. Some of the courses also do include systems engineering in their bachelor’s.

After the completion of their degrees in mechanical, chemical, civil engineering, etc, and getting some industrial exposure, then people follow their masters in industrial engineering, and the degree programs also do have executive degree programs that are mainly collaborative with the industry.

Prominent Master’s program offering Universities globally

  • University of Arizona, USA
  • University of Toronto, Canada
  • National university of technology, Norway

Similarly, Ph.D opportunities are also available with full financial funding and industrial collaborations. If you are interested in a research pathway, it will be an exciting one if you follow a thesis related to industrial engineering. For a Ph.D. related opportunity, it would be ideal to try in a country like Japan, Germany, USA, Canada, where you can have good practices in industrial engineering.

Industrial engineering future trends, is it looking good?

Indeed, industrial engineering definition can interpret in many different ways, and it will change in the future according to the trend of that time. Since the world is moving towards a low cost, low usage of labor using concepts, there may be some limitations for production-related jobs in some parts of the world. Nevertheless, the scope of industrial engineering may move towards automation-related actions, more computerized tools, and software, and high technology equipment side related job fields, which is useful in many ways.

In terms of education opportunities, now a day’s universities are offering online courses for industrial engineering and systems engineering. Consequently, it helps people to stay in their home country while working to study a world-renowned course at a low cost.

Still, the critical needs of humans, such as food, clothes, and water only can be fulfilled with manufacturing, and certainly the jobs will exist for a prolonged period. Eventually, a day may come where all the factory operations will be running with robots and high-tech sophisticated machines. Still, to make those robots industrial engineering will need to be there.

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