List of Training Programs for Employees for Success

A list of training programs for employees is here in this article. We will discuss ten best training programs that can have in your organization Training is a vital part of an organization. Specifically, for a manufacturing company having a proper training plan throughout the finical year can do wonders. Even for some of the international audits and compliance, it is an essential part to have training for the success of the business in the longer run. It does not only focus on the manufacturing people but also human resource management, finance, and general administrative people as well.

In my experience, training can make people to think innovatively and do wonders in your organization. With a lean manufacturing setup, it will make people think in a lean way for continuous improvements not only in the production plant but also in other areas in a different way.

Why you need to have training in a company

Many studies have shown that more than 340 million do occur every year, and resulting in more than 6000 plus deaths do happen every day, you can refer this link for more info, and These industrial accidents do cause the entire world in an immense way more than you can imagine. It is Because of this reason giving the appropriate training for the people is essential for any organization. Yes, it requires an initial capital, but at the end of the day, the company can get an immense amount of benefits.

An inside person can pass his knowledge with a good training plan
An inside person can pass his knowledge with a good training plan

Generally, there are two types of ways to conduct training. The first way would be conducting training via a senior person in the company and giving the expert knowledge to the other people. The person who is doing this must have previous experience in the area, and having a specific accredited qualification would be vital. Exposure to some international training will bring some useful insights to the table.

The 2nd training type would be bringing an outside professional from the expertise area. In my opinion, this one is more effective cause the in-depth knowledge will be okay. There is an ample amount of companies that provide guaranteed service on a yearly charge basis, and they give compressive guides to have the training. Yes, there is a cost, but I would suggest having this type in your organization.

Here is the list of training programs for the employees;

10  List of training programs for employees

1. Safety and health training

Safety is not just a word; it is a value that needs to practice in any organization. OSHAS practices need to done correctly in the company for that the workers need to aware of the best safety practices. The training would be suitable to conduct it with practicals as an example. If the company wants to instruct the Personal Protective Equipment Usage(PPEs), it would be necessary to provide it correctly. Here you can refer Industrial Safety Products:10 Usages for Protection that I have written on the PPE usages.

The importance of safety training is emphasized even in most of the country’s labor laws as well. Because of these reasons, having safety programs is essential for your organization. As an industrial expert, I have encountered many scenarios where people who were using machinery did not use the correct safety procedures to run the operation. Due to these issues, having proper safety training is a must.
Another aspect of safety training would have fire drills. It shouldn’t be an announced one, and it must be conducted in day time and night time to check people’s preparation for a fire alarm. Most organizations do hire people from outside to have this training.

Safety and health training in a company
Safety and health training needs to give to everyone in the company.

The first aid training and primary health training in the co-operate world is an entirely different case. It is given for the primary purpose of saving a life. In the meantime, I have to say an organization must have its medical center and should be in operation in every working hours. From burns and fatal accidents health, procedures should be given to the employees. The health training can do via a knowledgeable outside person.

Here are some of the information on General Trainings related to Occupational Health and Safety: OSHAS 18001

2. Work-life balance management training

Yes, it is a topic that is very popular, and people need to know that not online working will make you a star in your organization the balance to life need to be there. It is a case especially for working women in countries like Asia where I have seen lack of Work-life balance management results to have terrible side effects, and that also impacts the individual performance and, at the end of the day, the company’s performance. Therefore, providing training on work-life balance can affect the company’s growth in the longer run.

List of training programs for employees
Training on proper work-life balance can raise issues of employees.

The work-life balance management training program within the company can plan, and it should be agile at the start. (You can read on the agile methodologies I have mentioned for further knowledge). It will help the employees manage the work and their family life and sustain a good health working condition in your organization.

3. Product compliance training

It is a topic that is not much talked about in the industry. There are different compliance’s such as environment, manufacturing, safety, quality, .etc. For Original equipment manufacturer products (OEM), the customer expects the product in excellent condition. Due to these reasons. Knowing the requirement of the customer is vital.

If every production item complies with a standard, it can have a perfect brand name. Because of these reasons, giving awareness to the people on their services and products should be a priority in the organization. Most of the companies give prioritization for quality compliance. Because, If the quality does not meet the standard, it can return back again, resulting in a loss for the company

4. Career development training

It is An Important section When a person works in the organization, and their lives embed into it. I have seen good technically savvy people who worked for an organization for more than 3-5 years just leave the company due to the uncertainty of the career. In my view, it is a loss to the company for not having a person like that anymore even he/ she replaced.

The career development training gives information on how an employee can climb the co-operate ladder from an executive position to a director level. When proper career development training provides, the employee can judge the path they want to follow further.
Some companies do provide training on Microsoft Office, Autocad, Solidworks, .etcs; cause those application trainings are also a part of good career development.

5. Customer care handling training

It is more of a support type training, and not everyone in the company may get a chance to interact with the customers. Anyway, as an employee of the company, you are representing the entire organization. I have seen when it comes to customer audits, they even come to the production floor and ask questions on the products.  Therefore, knowing the right ethics on managing a treating customer is required at least for all the executive level or managerial level cause it will bring you more orders and reputation if you do it well.

6. Communication skills development training

The lack of presentation and public speaking skills can halt anyone’s career, and it will be an issue not to raise the organization’s problems. For continuous improvement and follow better operational excellence strategies, the communication between the employees require. For this type of training, bringing an expert from the outside would be the ideal choice. The development of communication skills needs to include speaking, listening, and presenting. It takes time to thrive soft skills and having continuous programs might be the way to do it.

7. Workplace culture development training

Company culture varies from one to another but needs adjustment with time. There are open, friendly cultures, as well as bit, closed working cultures in the co-operate world. The workplace culture development must be there from the CEO to the blue color employee. The primary purpose of having a workplace culture development trainings is to understand the business the company do and minimize the conflicts of interest between departments and different sections.

8. Team-building training

List of training programs for employees
Team Building is an enjoyable training as always

Team building activities do not only restricted to the working premises but also in outdoor activities that can consider as team bundling training. There are separate organizations that held outbound training activities the skills of the employees. Mainly this team building activities include making an object, a race as a team or use of leader’s command’s to have made or achieve a target.

9. Fresh recruitment training

All the companies do need to get people into their organization, and they will be the future of it. Therefore, just putting them to their respective working section just after resuming their work might not be a good idea. Training on the company culture, ethics, rules, and regulations would make the recruits adopt the company, and immediately the organization can use their talents for use.

10. Heavy equipment handling training

Heavy equipment means forklifts, excavators, hoists, etc. It is not easy to handle these types of equipment without proper training. There are different certificates issues for heavy equipment handling. The training should only restrict to the allocated people for this work. It should not be a quick one and needs a good practice session with a proper guiding person on handling the equipment. It would be useful If the training to conduct in a dedicated location.

With the new trends, there are new heavy types of equipment in the market. Even for forklifts, there are new features. Concerning that, when you are to use a new fork, I would recommend having proper training for that.

Can you run the company without training?

Yes, you can have your organization without any of these training. But the company will not perform well. There are constraints that come in terms of cost. But I believe that investing in training is actually good for a longer run. The after-effects of having great training programs will always be good. It is a cost, but a cost company needs to have for their own good.

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