Manufacturing Dashboard: What is it ?

Manufacturing dashboard or Production dashboards is a useful tool that uses to monitor the efficiency and performance of a manufacturing-based organization.

After the industrial revolution, manufacturing was booming, and even during the world war two period, the USA was able to double its GDP via manufacturing. Due to the high production rate, it required to have monitoring of the production quantities in each and every part of it. It used labelling methods blackboards to monitor the production amounts. It wasn’t that efficient way, but it helped the manufacturing companies to track down its production. This was the inception of manufacturing dashboards back in then, and it was all manual entering, and it was not efficient, and required tides work to do

Present usage of manufacturing dashboard

 The new era is quite different; we have the computers tabs, even the smartphones that can insert an app to have a system. This is where in industries now use dashboards that are designed with the help of HTML, CSS, PHP by having localhosts to monitor the entire production line. This is a cost-effective way to have it, and many medium-range companies do follow it.

Moreover, the dashboards that use by a manufacturing company can generally categorize as follows in the present context;

  1. Manufacturing operations dashboard
  2. Shop floor dashboard
  3. OEE dashboard
  4. Kanban dashboard
  5. Manufacturing KPI dashboard
  6. Production line dashboard

For the new lean manufacturing concepts such as OEE, Kanban production management dashboards play a vital role in any organization.

It is a very helpful manner with the integration of the production line where it can help to optimize the production line within several months, even if it implements recently. Mainly in a line production flow where it has a continuous process, the manufacturing dashboards will need to the managers and supervisors to see the position of the daily work.

Cost effective dashboards

Mircosoft power bi manufacturing dashboards are also there. It can use as a great operations dashboard in most cases. Some small businesses do use Microsoft excel as their dashboard by implementing complex functionalities of vb (visual basics). It is the simplest way to have a dashboard if you have a small business.  It is more like a tableau manufacturing dashboard

There are many free dashboard templates excel templates available where you can edit and use according to your requirements.

In addition to that, manufacturing dashboards use for planning if it is an exporting business where, according to the customer’s requirements, the manufacturing dashboards can help to identify the capacities of the machinesBecause in an urgent quarter if you do not see what is coming, it will be a considerable disadvantage for the company.

Dashboards with the integration of ERP

In modern-day Enterprise resource (ERP)  planning packages, the dashboard is a unique requirement most of the manufacturing companies are looking for better user experience. As an example, The SAP Manufacturing intelligence dashboards can consider as the best in the market where it offers the integration with rest of the manufacturing featuring functions. The SAP manufacturing dashboard Excel generation feasibility is another option that facilitates to get an easy recording for the user.

Benefits of having manufacturing dashboard in your company

There are only pros that can give from a production dashboard in my view. Here are five benefits you can get from having a production dashboard in your organization;

  1. Monitoring of the KPIs and performance  of the production facility
  2. Efficiently  identifies the production gaps
  3. Proper planning can conduct concerning the machine capacities of the factory
  4. Continuously failing machines can define for improvements
  5. Adequate allocation of workers to work centers according to the capacities

In future how it will look like

The future manufacturing dashboards will use as advanced tools. Obviously, It is mainly due to technology advancements. The developments in automation and robot technology will be available along with ERP integration. It will help the companies to get the work done much easier compared to now. Therefore, the manufacturing dashboards should be a hot top in the world of manufacturing.

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